Firfox is a free browser and is a renewed version of the old browser Netscape.
  Firfox strengths are simplicity of use, stability and safety, and the possibility to personalize it with thousand of firfox extensions, downloadable from the net.
  You can download Firfox with the Google Toolbar from firefox website.


Firfox is available in version 2.0. You can install Firfox 2 overwriting your existing installation of Firfox. You won’t lose any of your bookmarks or browsing history, but some of your extensions can not work if you don’t update them.
  Firfox is simple to use and can be installed on old systems: the minimum requirements are 64MB of RAM, 50-100MB of hard disk space and, of course, an internet connection. Firfox is also available for many operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.
  Firfox is a free software and can be downloaded and freely used.

Other languages:
Mozzilla Firefox
Décharger Mozzilla
Leeren Mozzilla
Descargar Mozzilla
Descarregar Mozzilla
荷を下しなさい Mozzilla
выгрузить Mozzilla
卸载 Mozzilla
موزيلا فايرفوكس

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